About dearth of a nation:

Welcome to dearth of a nation: my personal blog dedicated to photos, fiction and perspectives on race, culture and life in America.

Through this blog site, I plan on looking at everything ranging from American culture/society; pop culture; music and personal experiences through an often-times, but not exclusively, a racial lens.

About me:

I am originally from Trenton, NJ. I graduated from the University of Maryland College Park an English major with the intention of going into writing, but instead took a now 15-year detour into urban education where I’ve done everything from working in traditional public and charter schools; youth non-profits; been an executive of a major non-profit; and a senior-level leader in a district central office .

My career has taken me from Houston, TX; the Greater D.C. area (“the Beltway”) and now Philadelphia, PA where I’ve lived for the last 10 years.

In addition to writing and education, in my spare time I serve on local boards, and travel as much as possible, with an explicit interest in international traveling.

–tre johnson




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